Post-Hospital Discharge

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Post-Hospital Discharge
Post-Hospital Discharge services offered in Oceanside, CA

Returning home from the hospital can feel disconcerting for patients who don’t have the quality care they need. At Mobile Doctor Medical Clinic in Oceanside, California, the experienced team can travel to your home to provide exceptional post-hospital discharge care and ensure you feel supported in your recovery journey. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about these services.

Post-Hospital Discharge Q & A

What is post-hospital discharge?

Post-hospital discharge is a service you can take advantage of once you return home from the hospital. When you leave the hospital, your primary care provider, specialists, hospital nurses, and physicians coordinate your care.

Many patients require ongoing care once they return home. With mobile services and house calls, the Mobile Doctor Medical Clinic team ensures you continue to receive comprehensive care from the moment you leave the hospital and transition back into your routine.

What are the benefits of post-hospital discharge?

Post-hospital discharge supports your health care needs after you return home from the hospital. Having professional aftercare can help minimize your risk of readmission to the hospital and accelerate your recovery. Studies show that patients are less likely to readmit to the hospital if they have post-hospital follow-up care.

What does post-hospital discharge involve?

Post-hospital discharge can include a wide range of services, depending on your specific needs and recovery goals. These services may include:

Mobile X-rays

Mobile X-rays allow the team to perform imaging scans at your home or rehabilitation facility. These portable units produce high-quality digital images that help the team track and monitor your recovery progress.

Laboratory testing

Laboratory services, such as blood work and urinalysis, typically require in-person visits. Fortunately, the team at Mobile Doctor Medical Clinic can perform laboratory testing from the comfort of your home.

House calls

The team offers house calls to facilitate your post-hospital recovery. They can meet you at your place of residence to eliminate the hassle of traveling to the office.

Wellness exams

Wellness exams evaluate your overall health to determine whether you need any changes to your care plan.

Home diagnostics and therapy

Home diagnostics typically include X-rays and laboratory testing services. After testing, the team may coordinate with specialists to provide physical, occupational, or respiratory therapy.

Why might I need post-hospital discharge?

Many people can benefit from post-hospital discharge management, including:

  • Aging adults over 65
  • Individuals with life-limiting diseases
  • Patients with multiple chronic diseases
  • People with limited mobility

Those recovering from extensive injuries or surgical procedures can also enjoy support from their care team after leaving the hospital.

Call Mobile Doctor Medical Clinic today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about post-hospital discharge.