Rx Refills

Prescription Refills

Mobile Doctor Medical Clinic

Please make sure that you request your prescription refills at least 3-4 days before running out. These requests should be directed to your pharmacy, they will in turn fax our office a request on your behalf. When this protocol is followed it reduces the number of phone calls between our office and the pharmacy which will expedite your prescription being filled in a timely fashion.

For prescription refills on narcotics, please be advised that these should be called into the office at least 3-4 days in advance. With our physicians out in the field, these sometimes may not be signed that same day. Once the physician has signed the form, you or an authorized party must pick it up at our office. If this type of prescription is called in to us on a Friday afternoon it may be Tuesday of the following week before the physician gets a chance to sign it, so please call them in early.

For prescriptions requiring a prior authorization, be advised that these authorizations can take overall 7-10 days to process. Many of the insurance companies insist on a minimum of three working days to complete their part of the process. Very often, by the time the physician receives the paperwork back it has been at least a week before the office can fax it back to your pharmacy. If your insurance company denies the prior authorization request, it can take a couple of weeks to come to a resolution on the medication request.