X-Ray Services

Portable X-Ray Services/Doppler Studies

Friendly Service to Your Door!

Mobile Doctor Medical Clinic

We have recently converted our portable X-Rays to state of the art digital portable x-rays. MD Portable X-Ray Medical Clinic offers portable X Ray services to our patients in their homes. Roberto is our Full Cert X Ray Technician. Our X Ray van comes to your home to get an X Ray that has been requested by your physician. Roberto has been very creative in the places that he has taken X Rays. He does all types of X Ray's on patients in different types of locations. He has even taken the X Ray equipment to upstairs apartments. The friendly services that Roberto provides to our patients is comforting when X Rays are needed. Patients welcome Roberto's kind and gentle ways as well as his sunny smile.

On occasion, we will also provide x-ray services to other agencies such as nursing homes, hospice, visiting nurses agencies, surgery centers and medical research and development companies.